Air Battle Management

JCSys employs ABM professionals with operational backgrounds in all areas of ABM who are experienced in advising operational and acquisition organisations NATO and worldwide.

The use of overwhelming air power in modern coalition operations requires extensive Air Battle Management (ABM) expertise, encompassing planning, command and control (C2) and tasking of assets in joint environments. Modern network-centric warfare relies heavily on interoperable and reliable communications and a common understanding of Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for the execution and management of military operations.

Key Areas of ABM Experience

  • Air Battle Management (Including air-air and air-ground weapons control and air surveillance) in UK, NATO and Coalition environments
  • Air and ground based C2 (Including C2 systems such as NATO ACCS and UK ASCAS)
  • Tactical Data Links
  • Ballistic Missile Defence & Space Surveillance
  • Air Tasking Order Production and Execution
  • Air C2 Trials Management Experience