Air Traffic Management

JCSys, in conjunction with our trusted associates, can provide assistance to European and national air space management authorities on Air Traffic Management (ATM) matters from policy, planning and regulation through to the systems domain. Our team includes experts with backgrounds in key European military and civil aviation organisations, who have fulfilled various positions on UK national and EUROCONTROL committees/groups. Through their previous and current roles, they have assisted with the development of strategies, plans, regulations and management arrangements on matters ranging from ensuring the efficient civil/military use of the SSR/IFF and VHF radio frequency spectrum, to the allocation of Mode S Interrogator Codes to all Mode S radars in Europe.

Key Areas of ATM Experience

  • National impact study in relation the Single European Sky (SES) and SESAR Programme
  • Developed plans, procedures and regulations for the deployment of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR):
  • Mode Select (Mode S Enhanced Surveillance (EHS)
  • Elementary Surveillance (ELS), and
  • “Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast” ADS-B (OUT)
  • Provision of planning/management, technical and regulatory advice & training on cooperative and non-cooperative surveillance systems used for supporting ATM operations
  • Ensuring interoperability of military surveillance and data link systems with the civil ATM environment

Having made a significant contribution to the planning and regulation for certain ATM systems, our team of experts have a thorough understanding of the technical solutions, as well as their intended employment. We use this knowledge to the benefit of our customers in both civilian and military domains, to ensure that the impact of required ATM solutions is in concert with both national and imposed European regulations.

Being well versed in all aspects of ATM from planning through to the implementation of technical solutions, we can also offer our customers specific training provided by domain specialists.