Ballistic Missile Defence

JCSys Ltd is privileged to be a key member of the United Kingdom Missile Defence Centre (UK MDC), a unique joint Government and Industry organisation established to provide UK policy makers with the best scientific and technical advice on BMD, explore issues critical to BMD and showcase UK BMD capability through modelling, simulation and test.

The past two decades have seen the increased proliferation of Ballistic Missiles throughout the world, along with advances in propulsion, targeting and warhead technology. Whilst the detection, interception and destruction of such missiles presents immense technical challenges to any defence, great strides have been made in C2, sensor and weapon systems designed to counter the Ballistic Missile threat. The JCSys Ltd Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) and Space specialists draw from two decades of operational and commercial experience in the military space environment, Early Warning and BMD.

Key Areas of BMD Experience

  • Military experience of Ballistic Missile Early Warning and space surveillance operations.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of US Phased Adaptive Approach and NATO Active Layered Theatre BMD (ALTBMD) programmes.
  • Design, planning, facilitation of international BMD war-games, such as UK SCHILTRON, US Nimble Titan, including Policy/Military “Tabletops“.
  • Provision of BMD C2 and TDL advice to the UK MDC and NATO.
  • Research and development in the implementation of TDL solutions on BMD systems.
  • Capturing operational and system requirements for BMD systems and tests.
  • Collaborative work with leading UK and international government and commercial BMD and Space organisations and experts.
  • Extensive knowledge of modern BMD weapon and sensor system programmes.
  • TDL integration support on modern Air, Land and Maritime C2 platforms.
  • Intimate knowledge of TDL standards - NATO STANAGs and US MIL-STDs
  • Development of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for Strategic and Theatre BMD systems.