Synthetic Wrap

Our solutions are based on a “best of breed” approach meaning that we are not tied to any hardware, software or communications bearer suppliers. This approach enables us to provide the right solution for your application with a minimum of fuss, expense and hassle.

The Minerva system delivers robust live/synthetic training capabilities to a wide range of customers, whether it be military applications or civilian applications.

The ability to produce a truly immersive and representative live/synthetic training environment relies on the ability to instrument real assets, be they people, vehicles or aircraft, to enable them to appear in both the real and synthetic environment simultaneously. The Minerva system achieves this by using a range of satellite and GSM tracking devices that feed entity state data for each asset directly into the simulated environment. Tracking devices can be set to send updates as often as once a second and provide a near real time representation of the real asset in the synthetic environment. In addition the Minerva system is fully compatible with any other instrumentation capability that is capable of providing a HLA/DIS entity data feed.

Case Study

We have recently deployed our data management capabilities to move synthetic ISTAR data around the battlefield in support of a Live/Virtual simulation exercises for the MOD. This project has led JCSys and its partners to develop a new suite of Collective Training products that provide a highly versatile, tactical combat training solution that integrates a mixture of live, virtual and constructive environments to deliver a fully immersive training experience using the Virtual Battle Space (VBS2) application. A typical training scenario can involve a combination of UAVs, attack helicopters, long range artillery, rocket launchers and tactical precision weapons, plus forward observers and troops on the ground feeding information back to a central Exercise Control unit.