Synthetic Wrap & Live Virtual Construct (LVC)

Since 2013 Minerva Simulation & Training have been providing Live Virtual Construct (LVC), Joint Fires Simulation & Information, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Synthetic Wrap to the following Collective Training level 3+ Exercises: Ex WESSEX STORM, Ex PRARIE STORM, Ex STEEL SABRE, Ex JOINT WARRIOR & Ex SPIDERS WEB.

The Company Specialises in the following areas:

  • Synthetic Wrap (VBS2 now 3 expertise)
    • Complete Ops Room
    • FFF Viewing device (T-SSARF) Remote Rover Downlink Emulation
    • VOIP and J-Chat
  • Connecting Disparate Networks (eDM)
    • Medium (BGAN, SATCOM, 3G, P2P, etc)
    • Data Rate (256kbps – 30mbps)
    • Extensive filtering and metering
  • Simulation Terrain Database ProductionSimulated Controls
  • Joint Fires Subject Matter Expertise
  • Joint Fires Scenario Production